It’s time-consuming and challenging for sustainably-minded brewers and distillers to transport their spent grain back to farmers for animal feed. And many produce more than the farmers can use. NETZRO saw this problem as an opportunity — to rescue and restore this grain.

Today, NETZRO is working with award-winning craft distillery, Tattersall Distilling, known for its sustainable practices. Tons of nutrient-rich, spend rye grains are rescued by NETZRO every week. During the distilling process the sugars are extracted, then using NETZRO proprietary technology, the spent grains are restored leaving behind the nutritious fiber and protein. This marks the first time that upcycled grain from a distillery will be made commercially available as edible ingredients. Initiatives to reclaim additional ingredients from Tattersall and various breweries are currently in the works.

Wholesalers, retailers, and restaurants that value sustainability and mindful consumption can soon purchase upcycled ingredients directly from NETZRO. For each pound sold, Tattersall and NETZRO donate proceeds to The Artisan Grain Collaborative to promote a regenerative food system. Buyers can be assured that NETZRO is socially responsible, sharing profits with farmers in order to promote land stewardship. 

NETZRO has worked with craft breweries including Minnesota’s Utepils Brewing, Invictus Brewing Co. and HammerHeart Brewing Co. for pilot programs — and plans to partner with additional brewers and distillers across the country.

The Process

Tattersall sources rye
from local farms
within 100 miles
Rye is distilled leaving behind highly nutritious spent grain
NETZRO's proprietary equipment recovers and restores grain on site
Reharvested grain is high in fiber, high in protein and low in sugar
Upcycled ingredients are prepared to purchasers spec; the lifecycle continues

Coming Soon

NETZRO is currently developing technology that will allow them to upcycle eggshells, fruit and vegetables into reharvested ingredients. Watch this space for news and updates on their future pilot programs.

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